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Is the cleanliness of your home putting a strain on your relationship?

Don’t let the dirt come between your relationship! You go out and hold hands while we come to your place and make it shine! We’d love to help make your relationships better! Contact us today to get started!

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bismarck house cleaning services


Welcome to Cleaning Services Bismarck ND where we do your cleaning for you so you can use the extra time to live a little.

Many times it is hard to find the time to get all the daily housekeeping done. We want you to know your not alone! So many families can not keep up with the chores, so we are hear to get you caught up!

We can be the break you’re looking for! We offer weekly, bi-weekly or one-time cleanings to get your mess back into the majestic space you once were proud to call yours.

We not only clean homes, but we offer apartment, office and commercial cleaning services, as well as that much needed help during a move!

Don’t let the opportunity of a new clean healthy home pass you by, we’d love to get you back on track.

#1 Bismarck Cleaners

About Cleaning Services Bismarck ND

At Bismarck cleaning we want to make your life a little easier. We want you to get back to the enjoyable adventures in your day and let us do the dirty work, literally! Many of us forget to live life a little and then our families and our friendships start suffering due to the lack of time in our days. We want to free up your time so you can once again enjoy life a little.

Bismarck house cleaning is the leading deep cleaning company in and around the area. Look no further to find the top cleaners Bismarck ND has to offer! We focus on the quality of the work, rather than the amount of work to get done, which is why our customers are satisfied and keep coming back time and time again.

You’ll never have to guess again about using the wrong products on your furniture surfaces. We have highly trained, knowledgable, and efficient housekeepers who go through rigorous training and screening so you can feel confident with their sklills and their integrity.

Give us a call so we can make a specific plan that fits your needs and your budget. We look forward to helping you see the sunshine in your days again. CALL TODAY to find one of the nearest house cleaning services.

Why Choose Us?

If you talk to your friends and neighbors who have hired house cleaners you will hear how it can be a difficult task. You can be assured that our company is a licensed and bonded company to ensure your safety and security. Sending a stranger into a home is a big responsibility and we take it seriously!

All of our maids and butlers have worked in this line of work for several years and we give them more training so we can be as confident as possible for them to clean any surface or deal with any situation that should arise.

You will be happy with us because:

  • You are our #1 priority!
  • We provide specialized plans and free quotes
  • We provide licensed and trained professional cleaners
  • We make sure all your cleaning requirements are met by doing annual quality control
  • We do quality work
  • We offer several packages to suit all your cleaning spaces and needs

In the many years that Cleaning Services Bismarck ND has been serving the community we have never had a complaint that we couldnt mend. We hope we don’t have complaints, but it happens, and we make it right! After all, the customer is who makes us who we are!

We have become better and better throughout the years, because we listen to our customers requests!.

TODAY is the day to make that call to find a house keeper!

What To Expect

Our trained and experienced cleaners will impress you with what they can get done in such a little amount of time. This is their passion and a skill they are well versed in. Our customers choose us because they never have to worry about getting a cleaner who lolly gags around wasting time away. They get in and get it done, yet never sacrifice the quality of work that is required of them.

From the time you decide to call and finally get a cleaner, we will listen to your needs, work them into a plan that works for you, and for your budget, and then send out a cleaner to do an assessment, and the process begins. You choose the intensity and the amount of cleaning needed and we will work it into your budget the best we know how.

Whether you need help at home, in the office, on a job site or for a move-in or a move-out, we will get the expertise that suits your needs. We will arrange any professional cleaning services that are needed. We look forward to meeting your needs. Give us a CALL TODAY to start the process from filth to freedom.

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Our Cleaning Services

Here at Bismarck cleaning services we offer several packages to choose from to make your decision easier. But by chance one of these do not suit your needs, we can make a personalized plan to meet your cleaning expectations.

We provide all cleaning supplies, unless you have specific agents you would like us to use. We ask you provide those supplies if that is the case. We can schedule weekly, bi-weekly or a one time cleaning to make your life simpler, and give you more time to focus on your family, business and relationships.

bismarck home cleaners

House Cleaning and Sanitizing

What a wonderful choice to have someone come and tidy up each week at your home! Home cleaning Bismarck ND will clean your floors, dust, vacuum and sanitize the surfaces in your bathrooms and kitchen area. We will make it look and smell fresh and presentable for all who enter to feel comfortable and welcome.

bismarck apartment cleaning

Apartment Cleaning

Living in a small space may seem easy to keep up with, but that is not always the case. No matter what size of home you live in, it is important to keep it uncluttered and germ free and we can help make and keep your apartment a healthy, relaxing place to rest your feet at the end of a hard day. You will be happy with the difference Bismarck cleaners can make in your small place.

bismarck office cleaning

Office Cleaning

When you work outside the home, most of the hours in your day are spent in the office. This is a good reason to hire maintenance housekeeping so you can be, feel and stay healthy in the hours outside the office. A clean office portrays a business that cares about themselves and others. Our office cleaning Bismarck ND can amaze you with the quickness and efficiency of what they can do for your work place.

bismarck commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Sometimes the job you started becomes more than you bargained for. Our commercial cleaning Bismarck ND has all the helping hands your looking for! We will haul garbage, change bulbs that are too high for you to reach, wax floors, mow lawns, clean windows, or shrub trimming and much much more.

bismarck housekeeping


House cleaning Bismarck is your call for relief! We will turn your mess into a miracle! Our fast, knowledgeable cleaners will not lack in quality even though they will be in and out in no time at all. Their skills surpass any in the industry and you will not be disappointed, as we are the best cleaners Bismarck has to offer! CALL TODAY to find house cleaners near me.

bismarck cleaning companies

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Moving? UGH! This can be a dreadful task! Don’t get discouraged because Bismarck cleaning services is here to help! We can clean while you pack, and there’s no need for you to return and make sure the cleaning gets done. We will cover it all for you, so you can focus on getting all moved in to your new place. And, if your new place needs some washing here and there, we can bring our housekeeping services there as well. CALL TODAY to find cleaning services near me!

bismarck maid services

Maid Services

Do you feel like you need more than two hands sometimes? Well our maid service Bismarck will send those extra hands your way! Put them to work as if you had another set of hands. We will carry in your groceries, in fact we will do your grocery shopping. We will feed your pets and your children. Don’t hesitate to call a maid service near me today for those extra hands you’ve been wishing for!

About Bismarck

Bismarck is North Dakota’s capital and is a hub of shopping and healthcare with the government employing more than 4500 people in the small city.

With a population of 73,529 and growing, it has been rated as the seventh fasted growing small city in the United States. But save time for leisure as Bismarck has several parks, trails, and a zoo, along with year round fishing.

Known for the discovery of gold in 1874 Bismarck became the central area for prospectors to come and mine. The production and distribution of oil, gas, and coal are the major influence in the city’s economy.

Surrounding cities:

  • Mandan
  • New Salem
  • Cannon Ball
  • Wilton
  • Steele
  • Menoken
  • Center
  • And many other surrounding areas!

Customer Testimonials

“Heather comes to our office once a week and I love how it looks and smells every Monday morning when I walk in. The small amount of money I spend to have her come is worth it for the time I now have to be with my family.”

Trinity D.

“I feel like family every week when I am greeted by Sarah’s smiling face. I can tell she likes what she does as it shows in her countenance."

Jolene M.

“I needed help during a move a few months ago so I called home cleaning services Bismarck ND and boy am I glad I did! I don’t think I could’ve got everything done without them. It sure made my life easier with the extra hands.”

Abigale C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main area that likely needs cleaned?

The majority of homes need or would like to have their bathrooms cleaned. This task is included in all of our packages, as it is a main area used, and needs most sanitized for your health and cleanliness of any home or office.

How long can a maid help me out during the day?

Most of our services are for a few hours a week, but we can accommodate your needs, just give us a call and we can see what we can do for you.

How much do you charge an hour?

Most of our jobs are charged by the job rather than by the hour. When we come and do the evaluation we will give you the dollar amount estimate that may be charged.

Are your cleaning products safe for my children and my pets?

All of our cleaning products are non-toxic and safe for pets and children. You won’t ever have to worry about your kids or pets getting sick from the products we use, but they will definitely make your home smelling fresh and clean and free from germs.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take debit and most credit cards.

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There are so many benefits to having a clean home, office, or business. Not only for your health but also for your relationships. Coming home to a place that is fifty can be nerve-racking and can come between you and your loved ones, staff and employees.

Don’t let another day go by wondering if you should hire one of our cleaning companies Bismarck ND. We can relieve you of the stress that has been building up and we can lighten your load by you making that one call! CALL house cleaning Bismarck TODAY!

Have no regrets, stop what you’re doing, and give Cleaning Services Bismarck ND a call TODAY!

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